Key Elements of Farmhouse Style

farmhouse style

You might have heard of the farmhouse style when it comes to interior decorating but you might not know what it means. This post will explain the style and provide tips on how you can have the farmhouse look in your home.

Here are some of the key elements of a farmhouse style home:


You will often see painted cabinets in kitchens of homes that have a farmhouse style. The most common color of paint for the cabinets is white or other lighter tone colors that are cool and calming. You won’t see refinished wood cabinets or extremely dark tones for cabinets in a farmhouse home.


The most common type of sink in a farmhouse style home is very large. This is to mimic the types of sinks used in real farmhouses where full produce was cleaned and washed and sometimes even babies too. Even live chickens would be plucked in a farmhouse sink from time to time and hence the need for the larger size.


You will see rooms in farmhouse style homes with wood plank walls or shiplap walls. The modern style is to have a home with brick walls, drywall or even exposed piping for an industrial look but a wood wall is a signature element in the farmhouse style trend.


Dining room tables, end tables and coffee tables in a farmhouse home feature unfinished wood and often large surface areas. You will also often see bench seating for a farmhouse table as opposed to an equal number of matching dining room chairs.


Mason jars are not just for canning. These jars are an extremely popular décor element in a farmhouse home. You will found mason jars used for candles, flowers or drinking glasses and dinnerware. No farmhouse home is complete without incorporating mason jars throughout a handful of rooms.


You will find burlap fabric consistently in a farmhouse style home. This adds a rustic element to the décor of a room and a natural touch too. However, a little burlap goes a long way. It’s not something to fill a room with.


You can’t have farmhouse style without rustic décor. You need to strategically place distressed items and even some chipped and slightly broken items too. This worn look is part of the rustic charm people adore about the farmhouse style.


Ironstone vases, jugs, serving dishes and other containers are found in both the kitchen and as décor items throughout farmhouse homes. You can use ironstone as a vase for a flower or for serving warm banana bread. Ironstone is at home throughout an entire farmhouse home.


Fresh flowers are popular in many types of interior design and are also a staple in farmhouse homes. You should have fresh flowers in every single room of your home as a showpiece and a splash of color,

#10. PORCH

For a true farmhouse home, you need the front porch living space to spend your time relaxing and watching neighbors and passerbys.