Decorate with Vases

flower vases

One piece of décor that complements modern and classic rooms is a beautiful vase. Vases add elegance to a room as well as color or bold patterns, shapes and sizes too.

You can use vases to display fresh flowers or artificial flowers for additional color in a room. There’s so much to do with vases and there are many types to choose from.

These are just a few of the types of vases to decorate with:


The most common type of flower vase is a narrow-neck vase. This type of vase has a wide base with a narrow stem and opening. You can leave this type of vase empty as a décor piece of its own or fill it with tall flowers that have a narrow stem and a big corolla.


Bud vases are both tall, short and big and small. The size isn’t consistent but the narrow opening at the top is. You can use a bud vase to display one single, small flower with a narrow stem. Bud vases are used for a minor accent or detail to complement more bold décor nearby.


A cylinder vase is the tallest of vases and it has a wide base too. This type of vase is perfect for bountiful bouquets and arrangements and can hold several types of flowers all at once. You can use this type of vase to add height and depth to a room as variations in height among décor is an often unused design element when decorating a room in a home.


A cube vase is cubed-shaped and often times very short. You can fill a cube vase with roses and tulips if the flowers are trimmed correct. This is one of the more modern forms of vases and is common in contemporary décor.


You will notice that a flared neck is the polar opposite of a narrow-neck vase. The base is thinner and the neck flares out and is wider than the base itself. You will find flared vases on dining room tables and kitchen countertops or surfaces with a wider open space to display the flared neck vase and its flowers.

These are the more common types of vases but there are several shapes and sizes available to purchase online or at an antique store. You can decorate with vases in a myriad of ways which is why you will continue to see vases as a popular choice for home décor for many years.