Decorate with Marquee Lights

A decorating trend I have always adored is the use of a marquee light in a living room or open space. This is a much more recent trend than the use of vases or candles or other traditional décor pieces. These oversized letters and lights really catch the eye and create a fun focal point for a room.

If you have never used marquee lights as part of the décor in your home, you should try to incorporate one into a room. Perhaps on a fireplace or a wall in your home office? Read below for some ideas below on how to decorate with marquee lights:


  • You can hang a marquee light on a wall in a room as a stand-alone piece for a single focal point. If you choose to display your marquee light in this way, I recommend you purchase a larger-sized light so it does not look small or awkward on its on within the space you choose to hang it.
  • You can hang a marquee light as part of a gallery wall amongst photos and other framed artwork. This adds extra dimension to the gallery wall and a fun touch and will allow you to experiment with a smaller sized marquee light since it won’t have to be the single focal point of the wall.
  • Let the marquee light lean against a wall or set it on a table and then lean it against the wall the table is on. This is a casual use of the piece and something unexpected and different that will catch the eyes of your guests’.
  • Group multiple marquee lights together to spell out a word or a name. This technique is often used for decorating nurseries and children’s rooms but it can be used anywhere in a home. You can switch between larger and smaller sized lights too throughout the word or name for depth.
  • You can simply set the letter in the middle of the room or standing on its on in a corner or off to the side of the room. I have experimented with this in my own home with the letter “L” for my first name and I absolutely adore how it looks!

There are so many ways to decorate with marquee lights in your home and I recommend you try one or two of these out. You can purchase a marquee light as cheap as $20 or find one used at or for even cheaper or make your own DIY marquee light from the video above!