Types of Bathroom Vanities

bathroom vanity

You will want to upgrade your bathroom décor and style once every couple of years and one of the best ways to do this is by replacing an old bathroom vanity with a new one. You will need to know which bathroom vanity is right for your bathroom and how to choose the best one.

This post will provide information on each type of bathroom vanity and how to decide which one is right for you!


The wall-mounted sink is one of the most traditional forms of a sink or bathroom vanity you will find in a bathroom. In 2017, you will likely only find a wall-mounted sink in an older home or an older apartment or commercial building as opposed to a newer home or a remodel.


Pedestal sinks are another classic style of bathroom vanity. Unlike wall-mounted sinks, pedestal sinks are still in style depending on whether it will match the décor. If the space in the bathroom is small, a pedestal sink could be a good choice as it is very stylish in a traditional sense.


The vessel sink vanity is a very modern bathroom vanity that was just introduced in recent years. This model features a vessel or bowl rested on the top of a mounted wood vanity with a non-traditional faucet. A cabinet conceals all of the plumbing and pipes and the end result is a contemporary complement to your bathroom décor.


You will find a framed sink mounted directly in the countertop of a vanity with no overhanging lip. This is a very common bathroom vanity and one of the most popular throughout homes in the USA.


A drop-in sink is similar to a framed sink although there is an overhanging lip so it looks as though the sink is just resting on the countertop of the bathroom vanity. This is another extremely popular choice for a bathroom vanity.


The last bathroom vanity on our list is the undermount sink. This sink is fastened to the laminate countertop underneath it so there is no overhanging lip. This is the modern version of a drop-in or framed sink and it is very popular in 2017.