Why Install Hardwood Floor

hardwood floor image

In a past post I mentioned why a homeowner and decorator would want to carpet their floors. In today’s post, I want to provide a few reasons why you might consider hardwood floors instead.

In 2018, hardwood floors are the most popular and trendy choice for home flooring. The rich beauty of a hardwood floor is almost irreplaceable. There are several other benefits of hardwood floor as well that I will list below:


You will find that a hardwood floor in your home allows you to be very flexible and versatile when it comes to decorating. You can place chunky furniture, traditional furniture or slim and modern furniture on a hardwood floor and all are fitting depending the complementing décor in the room.

You also don’t have to sacrifice colors and patterns on your floor if you do choose hardwood. You can decorate with area rugs to add bold colors and patterns throughout a room that match with décor items and paint colors in a room.

You will find that caring for the area rugs is very easy too. You will simply need to vacuum them each week and be sure to hire a local Tampa carpet cleaning business that specializes in area rug cleaning for a deeper clean.


If you do decorate with area rugs you will need to vacuum and schedule cleaning, as mentioned above. However, you will not need to do too much in terms of the hardwood floors themselves.

To clean a hardwood floor only requires you to dry mop it once each week. You do not need to perform daily maintenance at all or invest in special tools or solutions to perform this chore.


The main benefit of hardwood floor over all other types of flooring is its durability. A quality hardwood floor installed properly by a professional service can last the entire lifetime of a home.

Hardwood floor withstands wear, tear and traffic better than all other flooring types and you can even buff out and remove minor scratches and dents too.

You will want to refinish the wood every few years but the project only requires a weekend or less to complete and the floors will look brand new.

The durability is the primary reason that hardwood floor tends to cost much more than carpet, laminate or other options. However, when you understand that hardwood is a potential lifetime investment the cost becomes more justifiable.

There really aren’t too many reasons you wouldn’t want hardwood floor in your home. You will find it is not as comfortable as carpet or as soundproof but both can be mitigated with area rugs in a room.

You’ve heard my arguments for both carpet and hardwood floor now. Which type of floor do you have in your home? Are you considering changing to a new type of floor sometime soon. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!