Decorate with Marquee Lights

A decorating trend I have always adored is the use of a marquee light in a living room or open space. This is a much more recent trend than the use of vases or candles or other traditional décor pieces. These oversized letters and lights really catch the eye and create a fun focal point for a room.

If you have never used marquee lights as part of the décor in your home, you should try to incorporate one into a room. Perhaps on a fireplace or a wall in your home office? Read below for some ideas below on how to decorate with marquee lights:


  • You can hang a marquee light on a wall in a room as a stand-alone piece for a single focal point. If you choose to display your marquee light in this way, I recommend you purchase a larger-sized light so it does not look small or awkward on its on within the space you choose to hang it.
  • You can hang a marquee light as part of a gallery wall amongst photos and other framed artwork. This adds extra dimension to the gallery wall and a fun touch and will allow you to experiment with a smaller sized marquee light since it won’t have to be the single focal point of the wall.
  • Let the marquee light lean against a wall or set it on a table and then lean it against the wall the table is on. This is a casual use of the piece and something unexpected and different that will catch the eyes of your guests’.
  • Group multiple marquee lights together to spell out a word or a name. This technique is often used for decorating nurseries and children’s rooms but it can be used anywhere in a home. You can switch between larger and smaller sized lights too throughout the word or name for depth.
  • You can simply set the letter in the middle of the room or standing on its on in a corner or off to the side of the room. I have experimented with this in my own home with the letter “L” for my first name and I absolutely adore how it looks!

There are so many ways to decorate with marquee lights in your home and I recommend you try one or two of these out. You can purchase a marquee light as cheap as $20 or find one used at or for even cheaper or make your own DIY marquee light from the video above!

Why Carpet Your Floors

livingroom carpet

During a home remodel, there comes a time to decide which type of flooring you want in a room or throughout your home.

You’re probably aware that in 2017 the most popular choice is hardwood flooring. Hardwood can offer more versatility in decorating a room and it is more modern or contemporary if that is your aesthetic.

But I feel there is still a place for carpet when it comes to interior decorating and a comfortable and stylish room for your home.

Here are some of the reasons I still recommend carpet:


There is no debate that carpet is much more comfortable than hardwood floor. You will enjoy a cushioned step on carpet in a bedroom or living room in your home. The softness is much more cozy than the cool, sleek hardwood surface.

The carpet fibers also create warmth and will insulate a room much better than hardwood floor will. This offers more than just a comfort benefit too as a home with carpet should have lower heating bills during the winter months of the year.


In terms of style, carpet offers an entire rainbow of colors that hardwood floor does not. You can carpet a room with a bold or bright color to complement traditional furniture or décor or choose a traditional color to complement bright and colorful furniture.

I think carpet is a really easy way to add a bold color statement to a room you won’t be able to do with hardwood floor.


You do need to vacuum carpet often in order to remove dirt from the surface and maintain the colorful appearance. You will also want to schedule deep cleaning one time each year. I recommend Chem-Dry of Snowy Range for carpet cleaning in Laramie, WY.

The good news is with routine vacuuming and regular professional cleaning appointments, the carpet should maintain its color and quality for 10-15 years.

In terms of hardwood floor, you will need to dust and wipe the floor often to remove dust and footprints. Cleaning hardwood is much more laborious than vacuuming is. Another issue with hardwood is if it is damaged it is almost impossible to repair whereas a stain in carpet can be cleaned and removed.


Another benefit of carpet is its cost of installation compared to hardwood floor. The cost of a home remodel or redecorating a room can add up fast depending on the quality of materials and the size of the room.

You will pay much less to install wall-to-wall carpet throughout a room than to install hardwood in a living room or a kitchen in a home.

I hope I did a good job of defending carpet as a great choice for flooring in your home. I love hardwood floor too but not to the point where carpet shouldn’t be considered at all.

A room with carpet will provide color and warmth that hardwood will not and the cost to install carpet and decorate with it is much easier on your remodeling budget.

Decorate with Vases

flower vases

One piece of décor that complements modern and classic rooms is a beautiful vase. Vases add elegance to a room as well as color or bold patterns, shapes and sizes too.

You can use vases to display fresh flowers or artificial flowers for additional color in a room. There’s so much to do with vases and there are many types to choose from.

These are just a few of the types of vases to decorate with:


The most common type of flower vase is a narrow-neck vase. This type of vase has a wide base with a narrow stem and opening. You can leave this type of vase empty as a décor piece of its own or fill it with tall flowers that have a narrow stem and a big corolla.


Bud vases are both tall, short and big and small. The size isn’t consistent but the narrow opening at the top is. You can use a bud vase to display one single, small flower with a narrow stem. Bud vases are used for a minor accent or detail to complement more bold décor nearby.


A cylinder vase is the tallest of vases and it has a wide base too. This type of vase is perfect for bountiful bouquets and arrangements and can hold several types of flowers all at once. You can use this type of vase to add height and depth to a room as variations in height among décor is an often unused design element when decorating a room in a home.


A cube vase is cubed-shaped and often times very short. You can fill a cube vase with roses and tulips if the flowers are trimmed correct. This is one of the more modern forms of vases and is common in contemporary décor.


You will notice that a flared neck is the polar opposite of a narrow-neck vase. The base is thinner and the neck flares out and is wider than the base itself. You will find flared vases on dining room tables and kitchen countertops or surfaces with a wider open space to display the flared neck vase and its flowers.

These are the more common types of vases but there are several shapes and sizes available to purchase online or at an antique store. You can decorate with vases in a myriad of ways which is why you will continue to see vases as a popular choice for home décor for many years.